Recyceld Plastic Garden Tool, eco Tools, Australian Made

Our Story

Hi, Im Mitch – Husband, Father and Eco Warrior!

I was born in Bairnsdale, Victoria, on Gunaikurnai Country. I am proud to be a descendant of the Yuin Mob from the Southeast Coast of NSW.

Driven by my passion for the environment and a strong desire to contribute to its protection, I embarked on my first personal business venture.

Gardening on Country was established in 2023 with a mission to foster a circular economy, where the utilisation of recycled plastic products becomes the standard.

It was during a family photography session at the beach that I noticed and was concerned about all of the rubbish and plastic that surrounded us as we posed. Looking at the rubbish strewn around my family got me thinking, how could we utilise this forgotten rubbish? Was there another way to divert it from landfill and our waterways to give it another purpose?

So began the rabbit hole of research into recycled plastic, circular economies and repurposing that led to the creation of Gardening on Country!

All of our tools are hand made in Australia from recycled plastic lids that are shredded down and then melted before being injected into a mould.

The plastic lids are made from high density poly ethylene (HDPE 2) and are commonly found on water or soft drink bottles. HDPE is strong but lightweight and is resistant to chemicals, water and UV light.

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch, long-lasting tools that are user-friendly and require minimal upkeep.


Recyceld Plastic Garden Tool, eco Tools, Australian Made